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Bioenergy Suceava
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Bioenergy Suceava


Bioenergy Suceava  company  was  created to develop the largest heating plant in Romania, in  Suceava, with a total investment of EU 90 million.  The plant is a critical  and strategically industrial unit in Suceava taking into consideration that the local central heating system was partially functional and not energy and costs efficient.

With an annual capacity of 270.000 Gcal and 30 MW electric power, the power plant is based on a high efficiency cogeneration system,  which operates on natural gas and biomass as fuels, using the resources in sustainability aims, resulting in  heating and hot water. Also, the  plant consists of four biomass steam boilers, a hot water biomass boiler and three gas boilers.

Thus, the plant supplies the heating power  and hot water for 22.000 households , representing more than 60.000 of citizens of Suceava.

Due to the high performance  equipment used , the cogeneration plant  from Suceava is  the most modern biomass plant in the country and a genuine support both for municipality and for natives.

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