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MTAG Switzerland
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MTAG Switzerland


MTAG Switzerland is an international engineering company specialized in development of innovative, efficient and modernized solutions for the steel industry.

The company provides technology, engineering, equipment manufacturing, automation and turn-key contracting , all vertically MTAG’s products and solutions are dedicated to secondary metallurgy, for continuous casting and steel mills, vacuum degassing equipment, components, ancillary equipment for steel making and also consultation and planning services.

MTAG Switzerland produces all types of vacuum degassing technologies: VD, VOD, RH, VC from 6 t to 260t, VTC.

The company is market leader in vacuum steel degassing installations using Dry Mechanical Pumps Systems, covering over 60% of the global market share.

The company implemented the worldwide largest Dry Vacuum System for Steel Processing of 250t in China.

MTAG Switzerland is Innovation Leader for filtration system, pumping capacity control system, optimization of pump capacity using 3 and 4 stages.

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